Ewa Stachniak

Eva SEwa_Stachniaktachniak, is a writer and Professor of Intercultural Communications at Sheridan College, in Oakville, Ontario. Originally from Wrocław, Poland she immigrated to Canada in 1981. Her Ph.D. dissertation, defended at McGill University in Montreal, concentrated on the work of Stefan Themerson, an English language Polish writer in London, England. She is the author of English language short stories and three novels: Necessary Lies (2000), (Konieczne Kłamstwa  – Polish edition, 2004), Garden of Venus (2005), (Ogród Afrodyty – Polish edition, 2007) andDysonans (book launch in November, 2009). Stachniak is the winner of the Amazon.com/Books in Canada First Novel Award for her debut novel Necessary Lies, which has earned her a place among such leading Canadian writers as Michael Ondaatje, Joy Kogawa, Nino Ricci, or Rohinton Mistry. In her novels, Stachniak explores the complexity of Polish history and (re)reads it from the perspective of a woman situated transculturally. Problems of emigration, immigration, cultural belonging, (de)construction of cultural and national myths, clash of cultures, “Otherness,” transcultural identity, as well as the cultural and language hybridization, are important subjects of her work. In Necessary Lies, the author re-writes the period of martial law in Poland and World War II, showing a multicultural history of the country, with a special emphasis on Wrocław/ Breslau. Garden of Venus is the story of 18th and 19th century Poland told from the perspective of Countess Sophie Potocka, the wife of Count Felix Potocki, a beautiful Bythinienne, a Greek woman representing ethnic and cultural otherness in the Polish environment. Stachniak’s latest novel Dysonans, based on Delifina Potocka’s and Eliza Krasińska’s lives, offers a new view on the period of Polish Romanticism. In Canada the author is appreciated for her contribution to the development of Canadian historical fiction writing (Globe and Mail).