Julie Rak, University of Alberta, Department of English and Film Studies, Canada

Julie_RakJulie Rak is a Professor in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. She is an author of Negotiated Memory: Doukhobor Autobiographical Discourse (2004), the finalist for the Raymond Klibansky Prize in 2006, the editor of Auto/biography in Canada: Critical Directions (2005), and co-editor of Mountain Masculinity: The Life and Writings of Nello“Tex” Vernon-Wood in the Canadian Rockies, 1911-1938 (2008), and On Diary (2009).

She has published many articles about auto/biography in Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, Biography, The Canadian Review of American Studies, and in A/b: Auto/Biography Studies and Mosaic. She specializes in life writing and memoir studies, biography studies, cultural studies and popular culture; critical theory; feminist theory, English Canadian literature (especially minority writing), mountaineering writing and culture; the Doukhobors, cyberculture and book history.


Lecture / performance / workshop:
1. Citizenship, Mass Culture, Auto/biography
2. Auto/biography in Canada – two -day workshop.